About Delta Capital

Founded in 2010, Delta Capital is a leading early-growth and growth equity investment fund platform in China. Delta Capital, centering on early growth equity investment, emphasizes on the value-investment approach to achieve the optimal balance between risk and return to maximize the investment results for LPs while maintaining strong risk control. Delta Capital has stable and highly experienced team over fifteen professionals, who leverage the firm's extensive operating and investment experience to institutionalize portfolio companies and realize operational improvements.
Since its inception, Delta Capital has been awarded a series of most influential rankings in China, such as the "Top 50 Domestic VC/PE Firms" awarded by Zero2IPO, China Venture, and “Top 20 Domestic VC/PE Firms”by The Capital. And more than 15 portfolio companies have been awarded as Top Enterprises by the professional ranking firms in VC industry.

Advatages and Differentiaton

Unique positioning and consistent strategy

• Focusing on early growth equity investment,striving to achieve the best balance between return and risk
• Insisting on the value-investment approach,maximizing return for LPs while maintaining strong risk control

Top-tiered team:perfect combination of trak record,experience and local know-how

• Proven track recordd over 15 years
• Outstanding combination of investment and operating experience
• Profound local know-how coupled with international best practice

Strong sourcing and value-add capability

• Estensive sourcing channels through recurring entrepreneurs/executives, personal networks,government relationship,etc.
• Strong value-add capability through past experience,personal background,as well as a wide network of outside advisors/experts

True partnership culture and team stability

• Merit based partnership with transparent decision-making process and fair economic allocation
• Stable team since inception of the platform


Foundation:  team with strong operation background $ extensive network



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